Tyson has partnered with Space Cables, LLC to make a matching cable to go along with his keycap set.
Cables are expected to ship roughly around Q4 2020 (or sooner) along with the same projected timeframe as the keycap set.

Click this URL if you’d like to pre-order the Ashes Keycap sets.

This is a group buy item.
Refunds and/or cancellations will not be accepted.
Changes to your order will incur a 3% restocking fee.
Shipping time is subject to change.

(Borrowed from Project Keyboard) <3


NA: ProjectKeyboard

EU: MyKeyboard.eu

Oceania: DailyClack

Asia: iLumkb

Weight5 oz

Space Cables x Ashes

Out of stock

Welcome friends from BT & RFP!

Customize your cable

March 21, 11am cst/9am pst

-- Please order carefully --